Pop Star Tans Putting Kids In Sunbed Peril

The Sunday People reports kids as young as 12 are risking deadly skin cancer by visiting sunbed salons day after day to get golden tans like their celebrity idols such as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears. 14-year-old Fay commented, “All the pop stars and models are tanned because it’s the fashion. No one wants to be pale and pasty. Girls want to look like J.Lo or and Britney. It’s £2 a session on the sunbeds and I use all my £10-a-week pocket money. If I want to go on more I just ask my mum for extra cash, even though she doesn’t really like me going on them. All my friends want to look brown and we all go on the sunbeds. We like having a tan all year round and the beds are so cheap. I know it gives you wrinkles but I’m too young to worry about that yet – I just want to be brown.”

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