Pop Stars, Rain Kick Off NFL Season

Reuters reports kicked off the National Football League’s 2003 season on Thursday with a glitzy, muddy concert on Washington’s National Mall. In a skimpy black-and-white referee’s uniform, Spears debuted her new song ‘Me Against the Music’ as fireworks framed the U.S. Capitol and football jersey-wearing dancers prowled the stage.

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11 thoughts on “Pop Stars, Rain Kick Off NFL Season

  1. Tig says:

    Now after Britney kicked off the buzz with Madonna and Christina, I just knew, she’d bring the funk to DC…However, she did not…from the whack bob hair-cut (the Peg Bundy look), to the bad Lip-syncing to the uninspired dancing, what was she thinking…….I’ve seen Britney’s last concert, and granted she can’t sing a lick, and usually doesn’t, her Concert was visually awesome. Tonight, it just seemed like she was a washed-up teen star, with nothing to say. Note To Psycho Britney Stalkers: Who will curse, act ignorant and who lack self-respect and esteem, “U know it’s true, she was horrible”.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I expected something a little more energetic, creative, original, and fun from Miss Spears. From what’s been the word about her new sound and stuff, I was expecting something a little different on stage, at least a little more energy and spunk. Her performance in my opinion was lazily done by Britney with her even less energetic choreography (the background dancers performed better than her!), and as usual her strip tease thing again, which is getting quite old (who would of that she would strip off her pants and reveal her barely nothing panties!!*starcastic*), was just nothing wow. And also in my opinion, her new song, Me Against The Music, didn’t seem to have much energy or spunk either. I could barely understand a word she was saying, and pretty much the song just had no feeling for me to feel like dancing or anything, there was nothing in the music or the lyrics. So I dunno honestly what to say about her new music so far since after all it was just one new song, but I wouldn’t count myself in actually buying her album yet, that’s for sure. But despite that, Aerosmith held a great performance!! One of the best I’ve seen. And Aretha was beautiful! what can I say, she’s the Queen Of Soul!

  3. Tig says:

    I totally Agree with you…All This Hype and that Great Madonna Performance…and she gives us this 3 year old Boring Re-hash and Strip-tease from back in the day…..Horrible. She is washed up….totally. She needs to take lessons from Beyonce and Christina who fuel passion and conviction and Live Singing into their performances.

  4. hotstuff says:

    ^^y’all must seriously be so incredibly self-centered. everything you said is in YOUR OPINION. doesn’t mean its the sh** and bringing 2 other artists (Beyonce & Xtina) into this just to take more jabs @ Britney is pathetic and makes you look really ignorant.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah that’s true!! See, this is one of the things I don’t like about Britney Spears as an artists and entertainer. She just doesn’t seem to live up to the hype that people say about her new album, attitude, image, and singing style. People like P.Diddy and other music producers make it seem like each one of her albums are going to be the best pop albums of all time, and that her new choreography and singing is just as good!! But then she always comes out with something so unoriginal (usually copying the same theme about sexual and physical attraction in clubs and parties that she had in her other songs), and on stage shows us nothing but uninspiring dance moves while the background dancers and her slinky tops do all the work. I am not saying she’s like a bad artists, I just wish she can at least take more of an effort to convince us that she has gotten better like everyone else has said. Sometimes I think that people just admire her sweet humor and charm so much as a person that they don’t take her music as seriously as it should be.

    You talking crap about people that are just making their own opinions makes YOU look ignorant. Check yourself first before you diss people that are just telling their truthful confessions and thoughts about Britney and other artists. We have every right to, freedom of speech. If you can’t take the comments and opinions with your ignorance and disrespect of other people’s opinions, then don’t read them and just get over it, check yourself.

  6. muzik_luver says:

    you know tig.. I’m a huge Britney fan.. but I have to agree with you … now.. she wasn’t horrible, as I played the tape back several times.. but in comparison to her other performances, it was bad… I liked the song better the more I heard it.. I expected a blow out performance similar to slave at the vma’s.. didn’t happen tonight… but.. she wasn’t at the vma’s either… so she had to be a little reserved… I don’t think that is her new look though.. when the time comes to blow it out.. she will , when the album releases.. she can’t come out all the way yet.. its too early before her album releases…There’s more to come.. I’m sure of that.

    Britney even said that the song she was doing tonight was not even finished yet.. that it will be different when it is released… besides she is in a contract with Pepsi and she was obligated to perform tonight whether she was ready or not… everybody has a bad performance now and then.. she’s not gonna give it all up for a pre-show for a football game.

  7. justhadtocomment says:

    I was kinda hoping Britney would blow me away. Even though I’m not a big fan I wanted her to surprise me with something different. “me against the music” sounds like a horrible version of slave. She completely lip synced too, and she wonder why people dog her so much. Even my mom, who usually thinks Britney gets dogged too much said that it was “lame”. Britney sucked. Did you see the way the crowd reacted to Aerosmith? Everyone was waving their little glowsticks around, that was great. They put on an amazing performance, they outshined Britney. Her star is losing it’s shine, tonight was proof of it. I was at a forum earlier and even her own fans are disappointed.

  8. hotstuff says:

    The song will grow on me. she can’t do the blow-out performance like back @ the ’01 VMA’s. This isn’t some huge musical extravaganza (sp?)– its about football. even tho her audience is going to b a lot more than the VMA’s could ever offer, she can’t exactly do the all out performance she usually does which is reserved for mainstream award shows like the VMA’s. Britney’s just teasing us, in November she’s gonna pull one on us and definitely shut some of you up.

  9. Britney_rocks says:

    you people are just hilarious I laugh at haters like you because your whole freaking life is based on coming to sites like these saying your unaccepted so called opinion when you can’t even say something nice at all.

    all I have to say from what I heard this is going to be a great and amazing album! haters can hate on me and Britney but it just makes you look stupid the more you do it!

  10. Gimmeabreak says:

    In my opinion… Britney was not even trying with that performance tonight…i thought she was singing live but I could be wrong…what the hell do I know…it seemed like she was putting so much effort into the cd…then she comes out with a performance like this… I’m disappointed…i expected more…this was her comeback performance…not the MTV awards…this was it…she performed like she didn’t want to be there.

  11. caseymaureen says:

    Just to let you guys know, I was at the concert and I thought Britney’s set was pretty good. There were a lot of technical delays and problems starting with her part which could have caused trouble, but I liked the song and the show. Also, the crowd was told exactly when to use their lights and what to do with them during Aerosmith’s set, it wasn’t spontaneous. They actually made us do a test run with a pre-recorded song.

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