Pop Stars React To Spain Winning World Cup

Several artists weighed in on the World Cup final after Spain topped the Netherlands in extra time 1-0 on Twitter, including uhappy Dutch singers Esmee Denters, Anouk and Eva Simons. Among the Tweets:

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber): wow…SPAIN!! great game…nothing to be ashamed of. True champions on both sides. Congrats to Spain.

Lily Allen (@lilyroseallen): Might wear iniesta shirt for benicassim next week. Crying for the Spanish ! Dutch didn’t deserve it, dirty football .

Justin Guarini (@justin_guarini): A brawl of a World Cup game, but in the end the best team won. I hope the win can help unite a bitterly divided country. Viva España!

Natasha Thomas (@NatashaThomasDK): Congratulations to SPAIN!:)

Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue): SSSPPPAAAAAAAIIIIINNNN!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Chelsea Korka (@ChelseaParadiso): SPAIN!!!! I’M ROOTING FOR SPAIN!!!!!!!!

Nerina Pallot (@ladychatterley): Well done Spain, sorry I missed your glory but I was busy weeping in La Traviata at the ROH. In-f***ing-credible.

Brooke Fraser (@brookefraser): Proud to be 1/8th Spanish! Sorry to my Dutch friends in Sydney/Auckland – you like yellow a bit too much!

Anouk (@anoukisback): well, that’s a bit of a bummer…..

Demi Lovato (@ddlovato): Yayyyy spain!!! Congrats!!! Love you guys over there :)

Nick Carter (@nickcarter): To all the spanish fans around the world. Congratulations on your win. We can wait to celebrate with you when we come back.

Esmee Denters (@esmeeworld): This will mend my broken heart : ) Go Holland I am still proud of yah kiss mwa let’s party with Stevie

Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira): angry drunken orange men everywhere

KT Tunstall (@KTTunstall): Arse. Forgot to channel Aerosmith. The Spanish Harlesden-ites are going deservedly mental. Muchos San Miguel innit…I just lost a tenner.

Katy Perry (@katyperry): I wonder what it’s like in Spain right now? I bet fun!

Eva Simons (@evasimons): Can u give a referee a red card as well? Let’s make it a new rule in 2014

Kate Voegele (@katevoegele): and congratulations to Spain! pretty exciting. i’m kinda sad the world cup is over though…

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