Pop Stars Represent Opposing Styles

Joseph Pope of The East Carolinian profiled the fan base of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and those that more identify with the “anti-Britney”, such as and Michelle Branch. The glamorous girls certainly have their fan base, some because of fashion sense. “I like the fashionable pop stars because I’m into fashion and style,” said senior communication major Heather Jervis. “I’m just not into the grungy look.” Unicity Dittmer, senior communication major said, “I don’t like Britney, but I like her music. I just don’t think she’s a good role model.” As for the girl rockers, they have their fans too. “I prefer the more rocker type because the others are mostly based on looks,” said senior information technology major Sara Poole. “I mean, Christina can sing, but the other girls are more talented.”

The entire story at theeastcarolinian.com has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Pop Stars Represent Opposing Styles

  1. amusicfanofsoul says:

    It sounds to me that this chick got Britney and Christina mixed up. Britney is a better role model than Christina when it comes to looks…but not ideas. Christina is said to be the most talented chick out of the bunch…heck Simon said it. and he’s a bi*ch to everyone. I wonder how the other girls are more talented. because they play instruments? Christina can sing…but with practice she can be one of the best instrument player on earth…however Avril and Michelle can play their guitars…but vocal talent comes naturally…and they lack heavily their when it comes to comparing to Christina. you can find millions of white chicks that can play instruments…but their are very few that can sing as good as Christina. and one has yet to be found when it comes to having the equality in vocal talent to Christina. Britney I can’t speak for her…she can neither sing nor play an instrument. but she was the first…so… sorry Avril and Michelle. both Christina and Britney will always have fame…unless they kill someone… because they basically rule the music biz; these other chicks will never have their fame and appeal. ever.

  2. EveryoneSucks says:

    I agree. Chrissy’s a good role model for singing, Avril and Michelle are good role models for instruments, and Brit, well…she’s a good role model for lying, lip-syncing, and obsessing over(and copying) Madonna.

  3. Julie816 says:

    Of course Britney’s going to last longer than Christina, Britney is more original and knows how to sell. Christina can’t even sell a kiss with Madonna or Pamela Anderson. Christina can’t even sell the use of being a feminist. I guess to Christina being a feminist is being a wh8re and slave to the “man.” Christina define being “real” as putting on an orange tan and dissing artists she’s threaten by. It’s no wonder Britney’s going to last longer.

  4. rachel says:

    Uh this only proves how dumb Julie whats her face is, she can’t even read. They said the Britney’s will last compared to the Avrils. Let me break it down in little kids terms, the lady doesn’t mean Britney herself, she talking about all the pop princess such as Christina and Jessica etc. When she says the Avrils, she means all the rock chicks including Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carleton, Fefe Dobson etc.

  5. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Really Julie…get over yourself. if you haven’t noticed Britney is going down slowly but surely. Christina on the other hand has remained the same. popularity wise Christina has Britney beat. fame in America is a pee-on compared to fame worldwide. Christina surely has Britney beat there. it’s sad that Britney tries to end Christina’s fame in Europe by going on every show talking about Christina…not to mention whoring herself out on magazines. Europe has chosen who they like more. and I’m sorry to say it’s Christina. honey, everyone knows talent always last longer than looks. everyone knows that. things change, but talent is always there to stay.

    And Julie did you actually say Britney is original? her career so far is based on lip syncing and copying styles from other bigger and more talented artists (Christina). and she has even said she is doing the Madonna thing. she’s fake, ugly, manly, a liar (and lip syncer), and unoriginal…a joke to the music biz. and you said it yourself “she knows what sells”…meaning she’s a publicity slut and media skank!

  6. ash6969 says:

    So true that the rocker chicks are more talented because they are not just relying on being a ho to sell their music. They Britney’s and Christina’s are just like machines. You feed them in manufactured songs, they write around, and out comes $$$$ for their corporate masters. The rocker chicks are totally different. They take their experiences in and then out comes their soulful, artistic music. Rock on!

  7. breez says:

    LMAO. Ash6969 is the biggest d-head on this site, along with XtinaFan. I love reading her posts about how Avril is so “artistic” and “real” compared to the other teenyboppers. WTF! She’s a machine too sweety. A Robot. Manufactured like Britney, and YOU fell for it. LMAO. “like, totally rock on Avril”

  8. B0rntoplay says:

    Yeah, that’s a load of crap. Avril and Michelle Branch are not anymore talented than Britney and Christina. That’s BS. And Britney being a bad role model? Come on. The same goes for Christina. They are performers, so of course at times they dress provocatively. Its how the industry works. But in real life, neither of them dress like that, or promote bad things like drugs use and such. They are good girls. Christina may be a bit sexual for some, but still, its not like she promotes being a whore. She is sexual, and so is Britney…so what?

  9. hellahooked says:

    “I mean, Christina can sing, but the other girls are more talented.” Well, they kinda got that right. Avril Lavigne is not talented than Christina but Michelle Branch is WAY more talented though. Michelle is the bomb, a very very terrific artist. ‘The Spirit Room’ and ‘Hotel Paper’ were awesome albums.. I also loved her unreleased one ‘Broken Bracelet’. “Michelle Branch can sing and play an instrument,” Poole said. “Her music is less like a jingle and more like a song.” I agree 100% “Avril Lavigne showed off her song writing ability” LOL is this some joke? What writing ability? ‘He was a boy, she was a girl.. can I make it more obvious.’ Can SHE make it more obvious how sh** she is? It is true the ‘Britney’s (notice how they’re called ‘The Britney’s’) will make it longer. Well, some people may think Britney’s not a good role model, but to me, she is pretty alright.

  10. buyflopneyjean says:


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