Pop Stars Top Worst Of 2003 List

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Australia’s Who Magazine printed their annual wrap-up of 2003 in music and movies. While no pop stars’ 2003 releases made it into the ‘Best of 2003’ list, several pop star’s made it into the ‘Worst of 2003’. Read on for the reviews.

Jewel ‘0304’
The 2003 award for the Most Unconvincing Reinvention. Vanilla Ice’s makeover as a gangsta rapper was more graceful than this former denim-clad folkie’s rebirth as a dance diva.

Dannii Minogue ‘Neon Lights’
Once again Dannii is Jan to Kylie’s Marcia, basically trying what sis did a good two years ago. Lowest point: ‘Vibe On’, an ode to her battery-operated bedroom buddy.

Britney Spears ‘In The Zone’
Desperately writhing around like a stripper with a stomach ailment, Britney pants her way through a strangely lifeless collection of unoriginal, soulless dance tracks.

Holly Valance ‘State Of Mind’
Boasting a use-by date only slightly stronger than milk, and even failing to capitalise on publicity from her recent court case, Holly’s lame second album kissed the Top 100 chart goodbye after just two weeks.

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