Popdirt Trivia Contest: Win Missy Higgins CD & DVD

Congratulations to faithnomore (question 1), JLOVER101 (question 2), allieshopper (question 3), leash0002 (question 4), and loz84 (question 5) for answering correctly and winning one of five CD/DVDs! Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.

Popdirt.com has teamed with Warner Bros Records to offer you a chance to win a special CD/DVD version of Missy Higgins’ debut album ‘The Sound of White’, due out June 7th. Be the first to answer one of five trivia questions we’ll be asking about Missy (a popdirt registration is required), and we’ll contact you to provide a mailing address to get your CD/DVD out to you!

Rules and Regulations:
1. Winner will be the first to post an article comment with the correct answer.
2. Posters from every country are eligible.
3. The responsibility of getting the Missy Higgins album mailed out to winners is Warner Bros’ after we provide them with winners’ addresses. Delivery should be within 4-6 weeks.
4. One CD/DVD per popdirt user. If the same person is the first to answer a question, we’ll give it to the second person to answer correctly.
5. Winners must respond with their address within 5 days, or we’ll post a new question.
6. Questions can be posted at any time of day, any time of week until we’ve given out our allotment of Missy albums.

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