Popeyes Hawaii ‘Mahalo Back’ Commercial Ft. Camile Velasco

‘American Idol’ alum shows viewers you how to do the Jerk to the Hawaii Popeyes Remix of the New Boyz hit single ‘You’re A Jerk’. Watch the “Mahalo Back” Free Chicken TV Spot via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Popeyes Hawaii ‘Mahalo Back’ Commercial Ft. Camile Velasco

  1. Hawaii God says:

    WTF? I don’t understand “jerking”. The guy in this video is so strange!

  2. Glenn Friesen says:

    Camile Velasco, rocking the scene!!

  3. Kekoa says:

    Jerking looks like a combination of old dances including a backwards running man/roger rabbit looking thing, lol. Camile seems so fun loving, and the comedian guy, he is a weird dude, but hilarious…reminds me of a young Will Ferrell. I almost choked when I saw this on TV!

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