Pop’s Eating Itself, Say Radiohead

Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead spoke with Radio 1 about the state of the music industry, depressed how someone as talented as had to resort to appearing on ‘Fame Academy’ to get a record deal. “She’s got a fu**ing great voice and if this is the only way she can get out to people it’s a shame because there’s really something going on there and people will dismiss it because it’s that,” they moaned. “If that’s the only way to get exposed now then there’s something seriously wrong with the music industry. I’m against the safety of it all. The industry sort of eating itself whole seems to be depressingly pointless.”

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One thought on “Pop’s Eating Itself, Say Radiohead

  1. charis says:

    Alex Parks – yeah she’s really awesome. One of the most talented but underrated artistes ever!

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