Posh And Becks 2-Year-Old Son Has Pierced Ear

David Beckham has defended his and his former Spice Girl wife Victoria Beckham’s decision to pierce their two-year old son Romeo’s ears. “He’s had it done for a long, long time,” he told gmtv. “We got it done, we think it looks good.”

Posh And Becks’ Bubbly Boozathon

The Mirror reports that former Spice Girl and hubby David downed bottles of wine and £100 Dom Perignon champagne on their six-hour bender with two pals at the five-star Alfonso XIII hotel in Seville, celebrating his last league game of the season. “They drank a lot. Posh must have had at least three or four glasses,” a source revealed. “She definitely looked wobbly on her feet when she got up to leave. She was a bit worse for wear but was clearly enjoying herself.”

The full story at mirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Posh Plans Incognito Club Releases

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham plans to trick trendy DJs who refuse to play pop when she releases new tracks to clubs. “I’ve recorded a number of tracks and I’m proud of them,” Posh told Neil Sean of Sky News. “This way, though, we can land a genuine hit and then, when it IS a hit, I’ll reveal my true identity.”

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