Posh And Becks Grill Staff Over ‘Marriage Crisis’ Leak

The Daily Mail reports former Spice Girl and husband David are conducting an interrogation with their staff to rat out the person who leaked news of their “marriage crisis” to the News of the World. Having failed to root out the mole, a source explained, “You wouldn’t believe the uproar. Everything was over-egged for sure, but there was enough convincing detail for David and Victoria to realize it had to be someone fairly close to them.”

Posh Doesn’t Like Madrid

Femail.co.uk reports that there have been stories of furious arguments between former Spice Girl and husband David as he insists the family has to be based in Madrid with him, while his wife maintains they do not. “We weren’t always in Manchester with you,” she is said to have told him. “Why should Madrid be different?”

One insider said: “The reality is that Victoria doesn’t much like Madrid. She can’t understand why the family can’t continue to live in Hertfordshire and commute. After all, she says, they’ve even got a private jet company as a sponsor and it only takes two hours to fly to Madrid – less time than it took to drive to Manchester.”

Posh Not Winning Popularity Contests In Spain

The Daily Mail reports is making few friends in the Spanish media. Spanish newspaper ABC described the former Spice Girl as ‘surly,’ ‘moody,’ and ‘dull.’ El Mundo printed an open letter to her addressed, “To Vicky who doesn’t smile.” When asked how she was finding life in Spain, Posh could only muster an unenthusiastic, “we are adapting.”

Damon Dash’s Damning Verdict On Posh

Damon Dash was on MTV’s UK edition of Total Request Live and had a backhanded compliment for former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. Dash said: “She’s not going to be rapping – all we’re going to do with Victoria is give her a hip hop influence.” And he added: “If we can make Victoria hot, we can make anybody hot.”

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