Posh And Becks On ‘Second Honeymoon’

The Sunday Mirror reports former Spice Girl and hubby David have returned to Sir Elton John’s South of France home for a “second honeymoon.” A friend revealed: “They look happier than they have in years. It’s like going on another honeymoon.”

Posh And Becks Try For Third Baby

The Sun reports that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and hubby David are trying for another baby, preferably a girl, during their romantic break in Morocco. Posh has also been helping the England soccer star come to terms with his disappointing performance at Euro 2004.

“Victoria has been a tower of strength for him and is determined to help him get through this crisis,” a friend of the couple said. “They have talked about having more children and would be thrilled if they had a little girl. There’s nothing either of them feel is more important than their kids – and David simply adores them. A new baby would be a great way for them to put their troubles behind them and start a new life together in Spain.”

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One thought on “Posh And Becks On ‘Second Honeymoon’

  1. milasmine says:

    Poor girl. I would hate to be married to a man that HOT. H*ll have you seen the front cover of Vanity Fair, even my hubby wanted to by it for inspiration as he goes to the gym…He may have cheated on her and if he did he is an ass, but with one h*ll of an ass. I hope the best for her and the kids and him if he is innocent or truly sorry. Be good to you wife Beckham, inner beauty outlasts outer;)

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