Posh & Becks May Move To Madrid

As fevered speculation about a David Beckham transfer to European champions Real Madrid continued to rage at the weekend, Victoria McManaman advised Becks and wife Victoria Beckham to start learning Spanish as soon as possible. Victoria sent a warm invitation to the former Spice Girl and Becks. “I’d love to show you this beautiful city,” she told The Mirror. “I love the lifestyle here and I am sure Victoria and David would, too. It is a fantastic place to live and we settled in almost straight away.”

Drunken Teen Girl Breaches Beckham Fortress

The Sunday People reports that a teenage girl has told how she breached Posh and Becks’s million pound security ring and hammered on the front door of fortress-like Beckingham Palace. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her soccer star hubby David were stunned to discover that the drunken young woman had dodged guards, evaded cameras and bypassed hi-tech alarms to sneak into the grounds of their mansion.

“They are shocked to the core and deeply upset by this terrifying breach of security,” a source revealed. “This time it was a teenage girl who had too much to drink and wanted to meet her idol. But just imagine if a gang of determined kidnappers had had the same idea to get in that night – they would have had no problems.”

Posh ‘Obsessed With Her Weight’

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham tells ’20/20′ she was once close to having an eating disorder. “I was very obsessed. I mean I could tell you the fat content and calorie content in absolutely anything,” Beckham said. “You pick up magazines and you see how you are meant to look when you’re a famous person. … I mean, I was never anorexic, I was never bulimic, but I was probably very close to it.”

Becks Buys Horse For Posh

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is set to get a horse from husband David for her 29th birthday. “A horse is the ideal present for the girl who has almost everything,” a pal of David said. “Victoria loves horse-riding but has never had her own. She used to love riding as a young girl but hasn’t done much of it since.” Read more.

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