Posh Blasts Music Stars Posing Half Naked… While Posing Half Naked!

The Sun reports has taken issue with pop stars who do sexy photo shoots to promote new albums. Posh said, “When you have a record out people do interviews. I don’t do FHM and things like that. I’m not a sex symbol. I am an artist.” Apparently though the singer is seen half naked herself in the current issue of Arena magazine.

Posh Lashes Out At Ginger Spice On Wax

The Mirror reports Posh has taken a page from the hip hop beef culture. has targeted ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell who quit the group at their peak with a song on her album. The tune ‘Watcha Talkin’ Bout’ includes the lyrics, “It started when the fame and fans kept coming in, and then you changed on us. Then you told us you were cool and we were wrong.”

Posh Says Spice Girls Unlikely To Reunite

The Herald Sun reports Spice Girl Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham is revealing it is unlikely the girls will work together as a band again. Posh admits, “Right now we are all doing our own thing and there are no plans in the future to do anything as a group. But maybe at some point it would be good to do a greatest hits.”

Posh & David Commission Bronze Statue Of Themselves

The Sun reports Victoria and David Beckham have commissioned a 20ft bronze statue of themselves for their garden. The couple will spend GBP100,000 on the sculpture which will be done by Frances Segelman. A friend revealed, “They wanted something three-dimensional to immortalize them and then Emma told them about Frances. She is very excited about it. She wants to get them to pose as soon as possible.”

Posh Understands Why People Find Her Irritating

spoke with the Mike Toolan Show on Radio Key 103 in Manchester where she told the host she understands “why people get irritated by me and David.” Posh said, “The picture that the press paints is not us. We are not like that. This person they make me out to be irritates the hell out of me as well. I’m famous for making music. With the Spice Girls we sold more than 40 million albums and people forget that. They are more interested in what you buy when you go shopping, what you wear, what your hair’s like, what your make-up is like and how much you weigh.”

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