Posh Spends Eve Of 30th Birthday Away From Becks

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham flew to a Swiss ski resort on the eve of her 30th birthday apart from husband David. Posh was spotted shortly after Sky TV’s interview with Beckham’s alleged mistress Rebecca Loos on Thursday drinking in the Mt Fort bar with two friends. “Posh sat at the end of the bar with her bodyguard. She was hiding under a yellow baseball cap and spent a lot of time on her mobile phone,” an onlooker revealed. “Posh drank a couple of shots but she seemed to be locked away in her own world. It was as if she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders – she was just sitting there very much within herself. People recognized who she was and everyone just left her alone.”

Posh ‘At Breaking Point’

The Daily Mail reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is starting to doubt her husband David as he seems unable to stop the torrent of stories about his alleged infidelity.

“She is at breaking point,” Beckham told a former Manchester United teammate. “She is telling me she doesn’t know what to believe and she is desperate for it all to go away.” A friend of the singer added, “‘She told me she can’t eat a thing, she is exhausted from crying and she has not been sleeping well at all. She has got even thinner than normal and her skin has broken out in spots because of all the stress. She says she can’t look at David without getting stressed about what did or didn’t go on. He is still saying nothing went on with Rebecca Loos and she is trying desperately hard to believe him. She feels very humiliated and has completely lost her confidence.”

Posh Song About Affair?

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham laid down a track for her nixed sophomore album that sounds suspiciously like she’s referring to hubby David’s alleged affair with Rebecca Loos. Posh sings, “Don’t mess with that dude because he’s already taken. I don’t give a damn what plans you are making.” The song has instead landed on the ‘Real Beckhams DVD’.

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2 thoughts on “Posh Spends Eve Of 30th Birthday Away From Becks

  1. suburbanrockstar says:

    I don’t think Posh’s music is that horrible, I’ve definitely heard worse and from her chart positions, she’s done WAY better than Britney Spears has in the US. I don’t get why she’s being labeled a has-been and her career is referred to as “flagging”. I mean her last single was at #3! Britney could only hope for a top 10 single and she rarely ever gets that. I don’t see why everyone pisses all over Posh. I’m not a huge fan, she definitely isn’t my favorite former Spice Girl, but I just don’t get all the negativity towards her.

  2. bsg1hbk says:

    I thought her last album had a couple of good songs..”a heart of its own” “not such an innocent girl” those were all good songs…and see the difference with ‘Bennifer’ and the becks is that…the world was fed up with ‘Bennifer’ in the uk..becks…becks is special he’s not just some actor or some singer hes..BECKS…our football players are like gods over here..specially when they send us to the world cup with a last minute free kick I think that gave him the right to be in the media whenever he flippin wanted

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