Posh To Become Fashion Designer

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl has been promoting handbags and jewellery for Samantha Thavasa in a £1million deal during her tour of Japan with husband David. Posh’s success in the country has prompted the company to ask her to design her own range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and handbags. “It’s every girl’s dream to design your own accessories,” a source explained. “She is really flattered to be asked and will start sketching soon. They’ll only be on sale in Japan, so British fans will have a bit of a trek if they want to go shopping for the bags and jewellery.”

The Beckhams Plot Going Away Bash

The Sun reports former Spice Girl and hubby David are throwing a star-studded £100,000 party to say goodbye to their friends before they move to Spain after David’s transfer to Real Madrid. “Victoria wants to say goodbye in style. She has mixed feelings about leaving. On the one hand she is excited about moving to a new country,” a pal revealed. “But she also has a lot of people she will miss and she wants to bring them all together for one night.”

Victoria’s Pride At David’s Move To Spain

Ananova reports former Spice Girl has spoken out about hubby David’s move to Real Madrid. “I’m really proud of David and moving to Spain is a great experience for us as a family,” Posh said. “We are going to miss everyone in Manchester because so many are long-standing friends and have helped David achieve so much. The Manchester United fans have been absolutely fantastic. Both our families are being very supportive and are already planning their summer holidays in Spain.”

Posh & Becks Head In Opposite Directions

Reuters spoke with Andrew Parker, expert in the sociology of sport at Warwick University on the power couple David and Victoria Beckham, and how the tables of popularity have turned since their 1999 marriage. “When they got together she was definitely the more popular of the two,” said Parker. “She certainly introduced him to a new circle of people and he became part of the soccerati because of her. All of a sudden he was an A-list celebrity. In the four years since then, however, we’ve seen his displacement of her in terms of fame and popular culture. We’ve seen the demise of her career and the rise of his.” Read more.

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