Posh To Have Yanks Panting With Rocawear Ad

The Sun had a photo, since removed, of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham which is set to be plastered across billboards in New York’s Times Square as part of her deal to model Rocawear clothes in America. They also have pictures of the singer shopping for earrings at New York’s Barney’s store with son Brooklyn in tow.

Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Need A Nanny

The London Express reports “Typical working mum” Victoria Beckham left her children with David’s mother while the former Spice Girl went to the recording studio until 4 am to work on her forthcoming album. “Victoria doesn’t have a nanny. She’d rather die than employ someone to look after her children,” said David’s mum dramatically.

Dane Bowers To Work On Posh Album

Ex-Another Level member Dane Bowers tells Radio 1 that he’s being asked to work on former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s forthcoming album. The singer worked on Beckham’s debut single ‘Out of Your Mind’ two years ago, and admits he enjoyed that experience so much, he’s ready to do it again. “Yeah you know, it was great. I was asked to do a couple on this as well, which you know, we’re going to get in there and do it at some point.” But don’t look for Posh to go rap. “She’s not rapping no! Don’t believe everything you read. I think she’s got some American rappers working with her – I don’t quite know the names yet.”

Dame Dash Has Movie Plans For Posh Too

Roc-A-Fella Records boss Damon Dash tells NME.com that he’s now set up Roc-A-Fella Films and is keen on collaborating with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham in a movie project. “If there’s a good part in a good film there’s a chance Victoria will feature,” he said. “I think he (David Beckham) is kind of shy. I don’t think he’ll be on film too much.”

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5 thoughts on “Posh To Have Yanks Panting With Rocawear Ad

  1. babyphat67 says:

    That’s a cute outfit. Really pretty shade of blue.

  2. Libertarian says:

    “First things first.” She released one album overseas and not in the US, which resulted in two top ten singles – and another top three single with Dane Bowers ( an ex-member of the R&B group Another Level ). A song she’s done with MOP ( a British hip hop duo ) and produced by Damon Dash, has been downloaded 7000 times since it was leaked maybe 4 days ago.

    She’s the most photographed woman in the world, so she has quite a reputation. Maybe you should check your sources before you speak.

  3. elgato says:

    those of you who live outside the U.S., don’t believe this crap. nobody here knows who she is or her husband. nobody here gives a damn about Damn Dash. he’s not the music mogul her people are making him out to be. nobody downloads her songs or takes her photos here.

    here in the U.S., she’s beneath Vanilla Ice. now that’s low.

  4. www-dirrty-rocks-it says:

    I think she’s hot..
    but its true that no one knows her and her husband here in America…shame

  5. Tig says:

    Ok, first things 1st: No one has heard this bimbo sing, 2nd–she is stick thin and has no reputation, no one is gonna buy Rocawear because this UK bimbo is wearing it. At least her Husband is a celeb.

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