Posh Warned Becks About Rebecca Loos

The Sun reports former Spice Girl had warned hubby David to “watch out” for Rebecca Loos. She took an instant dislike to the pretty personal assistant now accused of an affair with soccer star Becks – and told him to stay away from her. A source close to Posh said: “Victoria didn’t like Rebecca from day one and made it clear she didn’t trust her.”

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3 thoughts on “Posh Warned Becks About Rebecca Loos

  1. popmaster167 says:

    I’m beginning to think the Sun is on a mission to destroy Posh and Becks,they wont stop writing about them and this affair! well I guess she wouldn’t like her,no sane wife with a brain cell would like having a pretty little young PA sniffing round their husband.

  2. Fashionista says:

    If she had any suspicion about her, why didn’t she stay with her husband when he was in a new country trying to set up a new life? Instead of being their to set up her home with her kids with him she was in NEW YORK & LONDON trying to launch a singing career which totally FLOPPED. And now the price she had to pay for her eagerness to be a singer was her marriage. I think he did it, this time I think he played the field. You wouldn’t think it of him but a man not being with his wife for months and only seeing her like in 2 days every 2 month whilst she was in England. Sex deprivation can drive even the straightest man to look elsewhere. Like to a beautiful young assistant?

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    Becks has been months and months without Victoria ..when she was in the Spice Girls they did it all the time..i think this story is a way for that Loos woman to make her share of £. She heard the rumor and saw a good business out of it ..there’s no real proof of what happened except for some ‘text’ that becks sent to her but really..what does that proof it could of been from anyone

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