Victoria Beckham Will Get “Romeo” Tattoo

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is having a new tattoo on her back to mark the birth of baby Romeo. A fourth star drawn on her back by tattooist Louis Mollow early next week. “She decided months ago to add another one to her back,” a pal revealed. “If she has more children they will all get their own star. If she ends up having twenty kids it could be a bit of a problem, though.”

Kerry Slams Posh Spice For Naming Child Romeo reports Kerry McFadden, wife of Westlife’s Bryan McFadden has slammed Posh Spice Victoria Beckham for naming her child Romeo. The four months pregnant former Atomic Kitten blasted, “I think any mother who names her baby Romeo must be having a laugh and I feel that if it was up to me she should be reported to social services.” Kerry plans for “at least two more children after this one but I will take a break of a year or two after February when our second baby is due.” Read more.

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