Victoria Beckham’s Son Romeo In Convulsions Scare

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham rushed her son Romeo to the hospital after suffering frightening convulsions, where he was kept overnight for observation. “Victoria acted coolly and responsibly,” a family friend explained. “She did the right thing. It was unnerving seeing Romeo convulsing and it would have been easy to panic. She drove to the hospital and Romeo was looked at within minutes. The baby had a high temperature but the doctors were satisfied there was no problem.”

David Beckham Ditches PR Girl Rebecca Loos

The People reports David Beckham has ditched his sexy PR girl Brunette Rebecca Loos, who he was spotted with at a Madrid nightclub, wrongly sparking rumors about marriage trouble to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. She and other aides have now been dropped after Becks split from his management firm SFX earlier this week. “It is no secret she didn’t like the way David was going to places with Rebecca that she hadn’t been to,” a source close to the Beckhams revealed. “But it was nothing personal. She wouldn’t have liked anyone being with him.”

Are The Spice Girls Ripe For Rediscovery?

Top of the Pops did a Q&A with Emma Bunton and asked if she thought the Spice Girls are ripe for rediscovery. “I’d like to think so,” Bunton responded. “Even today we all get positive feedback and again I think because it was very new and exciting it’s always gonna be something that won’t be done again. People have always been positive about the Spice Girls and that’s great.” As for rumors her former bandmate Victoria Beckham was having troubles with David, Bunton says, “Um…Well the thing is…I mean…you know…they’re very happy, I know them as a couple and as parents and that’s how I know them.”

Becks Swaps To Posh’s Agent

The Daily Mail reports David Beckham dumped his agents SFX in favor of his Victoria Beckham’s rep, Simon Fuller.

“Victoria has pushed for this from the beginning,” said a source in Fuller’s company, 19. “She was desperate to get Simon as her manager again because she believes he can break her in America but he would only have her if her husband came too. David was still under contract with SFX, so Fuller signed a deal to look after the Beckham brand.”

Fuller has already been reportedly arguing with the former Spice Girl over her hip hop collaborations with Damon Dash.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham’s Son Romeo In Convulsions Scare

  1. shadybaby says:

    I wish my mom did that for me!

  2. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Isn’t this the second or third time one of her sons have been taken to the ER in the past month…? Well hopefully Romeo’s okay.

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    Oh the poor thing! Yes Romeo has been at the hospital quite a lot lately…he looked cute with the bandages on his head from his last fall but still …i hope he’s ok even before he was born they had “Scares” with him.

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