Posh’s Rocawear Job Goes To Kate Moss

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has learned she’s being replaced as the face of Rocawear by supermodel Kate Moss. An insider told The Mirror, “The company wants to bring sophistication to the label and think Kate is perfect. She’s beautiful, stylish and, above all, credible. The bosses are happy working with Victoria but they’re concentrating more on her music. But one thing that did disappoint them was that she didn’t really wear the clothes when she was out and about. Apart from the odd baseball cap here and there, she didn’t really endorse the brand the way she does with, say, Dolce & Gabbana.”

Posh: It’s Hip-Hop Or Nothing

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is again fuming at her record label Telstar after learning they had decided to drop all the hip-hop material from her new solo album in favor of dance music. Posh is now ready to walk out on her deal with Telstar and sign on with Damon Dash’s Rocafella Records imprint instead.

“Victoria was incandescent with rage when she heard Telstar didn’t want any of the tracks she recorded with Damon,” a source said. “She is really proud of the stuff she did with him and can’t understand why Telstar are so against it. Their team were there when she recorded the tracks and liked them at the time. She doesn’t understand why they don’t want to release it now.”

Pop Divas Posh & Sophie Set For Second Chart Battle

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham will be going head-to-head against rival Sophie Ellis Bextor in the UK singles charts with the release of her double A-side single ‘Let Your Head Go’ and ‘Don’t Disturb The Groove’ on December 29th. Sophie will offer ‘I Won’t Change You’, hoping to again outsell Victoria after doing so with ‘Groovejet’ in the summer of 2000, beating the Posh single ‘Out Of Your Mind’. “Sophie’s release couldn’t have come at a worse time for Victoria,” a music industry insider said. “She picked a deliberately quiet week where she was sure to get to No.1 without much effort. This new development definitely spells trouble for Posh – let’s face it, we all know what happened last time.”

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2 thoughts on “Posh’s Rocawear Job Goes To Kate Moss

  1. bsg1hbk says:

    That cow. she’s going to end up getting nothing done for trusting that bloody wanker.she should of just done what her flipping record company wanted. I don’t think her career is at the point where she can demand much.

  2. youhavenoidea says:

    like we need to see anymore of Kate Moss. maybe she should actually spend some time with her daughter rather than skanking it up with rock stars and taking her clothes off.

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