PR Expert Critiques Handling Of Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy Announcement

In a Q&A with Star magazine, Robert Zimmerman, managing director of Middleberg Communications in New York City, offered his thoughts on how Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn could have best handled her pregnancy announcement and what the 16-year-old should do going forward to save her reputation.

Asked about how Jamie Lynn’s mother Lynne handled the announcement with going to OK! for a $1 million payday, Zimmerman said, “Lynne should have understood that her younger daughter was looking to garner attention and allowing her to do a magazine cover was irresponsible. There is no way Jamie Lynn could have done this without Lynne’s blessing. Doing this in such a public way was a mistake and Lynn should have known that. Getting paid for this was even worse and questions her skills as a parent. To capitalize on this was a mistake.”

How should they have handled the announcement? “First I would have consulted with Nickelodeon and her family together,” Zimmerman advised. “Once we were all on the same page and knowing the media would be all over this because she is Britney’s sister, I would have gone to a trusted veteran news reporter or journalist who could understand both sides of the issue. The she could do a proper sit down interview. I wouldn’t have suggested or recommended my client pose for a magazine cover.”

The story at has since been removed.

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