Preteen Frenzy Belies Hilary Duff’s Talent

Jeffrey Lee Puckett of the Louisville Courier-Journal was on hand for Hilary Duff’s Kentucky State Fair concert Friday night, attended by “10,000 preteens chanting ‘Hil-a-ry! Hil-a-ry! Hil-a-ry!'” and “maybe a dozen men… who weren’t fathers in charge of a chattering gaggle of miniature Hilarys.” Puckett writes, “Duff’s music, a slicker, louder take on the power pop of the Go-Gos, isn’t too bad. On songs such as ‘Wake Up’, ‘Beat of My Heart’ and ‘The Getaway’, she and her producers achieve a glossy, low-calorie nirvana. The hooks are huge and undeniable, and Duff sings with a thoroughly professional glee.”

The article at has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Preteen Frenzy Belies Hilary Duff’s Talent

  1. lilsongwritergal says:

    Their comparing HER to nirvana? Something’s seriously wrong here..

  2. ihatehilary says:

    when I saw this in your comments list, I wondered how the fu** I missed this story.’, ‘but then I read it. lol LMAO. I think they meant nirvana as in a state of peace, tranquility, extreme happiness. not that band Nirvana. that would’ve been Nirvana with a capital N. yeah, it’s true. journalists kiss her ass for some unknown reason, but they only go so far. they have to keep some credibility!

  3. Chloe and Shawnisty says:

    Hey, we are two twelve year old girls. We can sing, dance and act. Help us out, contact us back..

    Chloe and Shawnisty.

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