Prince And Madonna Top Pollstar’s Midyear Tour Grosses

Contributed by StilettoSadist: Prince’s tour tops this year’s Pollstar list of 2004’s Top 100 Tours at the midway point of the year with $45.7 million in grosses. He has sold a total of 737k tickets, with an average gross of $1.038 million per show, based on an average ticket price of $61.59. Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour comes in right behind selling $44.9 million worth of tickets. sold 258k total tickets at an average price of $174.17 (highest in the Top 100). Madonna also has the largest average gross per show at a whopping $6.414 million. She has approximately another 642,000 further tickets sold for the remaining concerts. This will put Madonna’s total concerts in excess of $120,000,000 for 2004. Britney comes in at number 13 moving 299K tickets for a total of 18.9 million.

Madonna’s Chicago Family Reunion

July 14, 2004 – Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times has several details on Madonna’s visit to the Windy City which featured a Ciccone family reunion of sorts at the Drake Hotel.

Alters ‘Mother And Father’ Lyrics

July 14, 2004 – Jeannette Walls of reports changed a line of ‘Mother and Father’ at her concert in Chicago on Tuesday night. “I use to think he was a jerk” became “He didn’t know how much it hurt,” and sharp-eared fans wondered if it was because the Material Girl’s dad Tony Ciccone was in the audience.

Heartsick At Madonna Antics

July 12, 2004 – John Schlesinger, the director of ‘Midnight Cowboy’ and ‘Billy Liar’, who died in July 2003, blamed Madonna for his 1999 heart attack. That damning charge lives on in letters and production notes he wrote while directing Madonna in the $25 million flop ‘The Next Best Thing’, the London Telegraph reported. “I am fu**ing angry with [producer Tom Rosenberg] being influenced by Madonna,” Schlesinger wrote to his agent. “I do not for one moment think that their behavior has not added to the reasons I have ended up here [in a hospital bed].”

Madonna Trying For One More Child

July 9, 2004 – Even though she’ll turn 46 next month, The New York Daily News reports Madonna is determined to try for one more child. “She has it all planned out to a T,” a friend revealed. “She began visiting her fertility doctor in Los Angeles in late March. Her tour was already planned for the summer, but Madonna wanted to undergo tests to find out if she would be able to get pregnant and carry a baby at her age.”

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5 thoughts on “Prince And Madonna Top Pollstar’s Midyear Tour Grosses

  1. Lotus says:

    Hasn’t she had menopause yet? I think she is too old at 46. Just because have CAN have a child at almost 50 it doesn’t mean she SHOULD have one. Her husband is younger then her but I still don’t think it’s right to the child.

  2. EdwardAlex says:

    Why wouldn’t she want another? Look at her two first success stories…None other then her little Lola and Rocco. Lola is so beautiful. Lola is going to be drop dead gorgeous when she grows up. Rocco is absolutely adorable, and that will probably carry with him as he ages too. That’s what happens when you have two gorgeous parents….gorgeous looking kids. Madonna became a mother for the first time at 38. Who cares if she wants to have another child…good for her.People need to learn to leave age out of the equation and let people go on with their lives without scrutiny.

  3. kidcreole says:

    They make fun of her fake accent; they ridiculed her for not knowing the best selling British children’s author of all time when she claims to be a children’s author, they constantly run stories about her leaving Britain and how glad they are about it and they’re currently raking her over the coals regarding not wanting ramblers on her property….. as far has her being the greatest blah blah blah, that comment is so stupid it doesn’t even warrant a reply…… its pop trash, moron. the whore hit on a novel idea, sex sells, oh gee, I’ll sell myself. as far as not seeing another female performer like her again, let hope we don’t; we have enough disposable trash. and the only person she’s made an impact on is you, idiot!

  4. Reba says:

    She’s too old. I just turned 30, I have two toddlers, and I’m convinced that I’m too old to have another child. Granted, she’s in great shape, but 46 is still too old. The complications and risks of birth defects gets higher and higher over the age of 30…I can’t even imagine what it’s like when you’re nearly 50!

  5. weebongo says:

    Madonna’s tour made a lot of money really quickly. She just started touring at the end of May while everyone else has been touring much longer. For a month and a half of touring Madonna’s numbers are absolutely incredible.

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