Prince Harry And Michael Jackson To Meet

Harry and are to meet – according to John Cooke, a PR who met Harry at the Cartier Polo event on Sunday. Complimenting the playboy prince on his dance moves, he asked if he would like to meet Jackson. “Quite naturally, Harry was a little suspicious and asked if Cooke was for real,” an onlooker told the Daily Telegraph. “Whenever you want.”

Bookstore Refuses To Open Privately For Jacko

July 30, 2003 – The Enquirer reports wasn’t given the treatment of the King of Pop at a Hollywood bookstore recently. The singer wanted to shop in private and asked the bookstore to close its doors to regular customers. The store refused to close and Jacko still managed to spend more than $1,200 on ‘The Simpsons’ memorabilia and other merchandise.

Uday, Qusay… And Jacko?

July 30, 2003 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Monday night, “Did you see the photos of Uday and Qusay? They were gruesome. I haven’t seen anything that grotesquely disfigured since… well, Michael Jackson.”

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