Priscilla Presley Talks About Lisa Marie’s Pending Twins

Lisa Marie Presley, who is set to give birth to twins this fall with husband Michael Lockwood, won’t be teaching the babies to call Priscilla Presley “grandma.” The 63-year-old tells ‘Entertainment Tonight’, “We say ‘Nona’ – it means ‘grandma’ in Italian. There’s just such a connotation with Grandma, and I just liked it better. [Lisa Marie’s children] say it so sweet: ‘Nona.'” Video of Priscilla’s interview with Mark Steines at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Priscilla Presley Talks About Lisa Marie’s Pending Twins

  1. Mayhem says:

    I’m sorry–what am I saying–no I’m not!

    Imagine Priscilla with jet black hair.
    She would look exacly like Morticia from The Addams Family.

    Lisa…… nah, that’s too easy!

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