Priscilla Says Jacko Had A Plan

In the July issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, Priscilla Presley revealed that showed interest in her daughter Lisa Marie Presley back when she was married to Danny Keough. “Michael had an agenda,” Priscilla insisted. “He called me while I was still doing Dallas and asked to meet Lisa Marie. It was just when he was getting Neverland together. So Michael is calling, and I was a little bit suspicious… This fit into his big scheme. I mean Graceland … Neverland? King of Rock … King of Pop? You have to open your eyes.”

Jacko And Chris Tucker Heading To Chicago

June 8, 2003 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports that is heading into the Windy City along with pal Chris Tucker on Monday to attend the National Cable Telecommunications Association conference. The pair will show support for a black cable TV start-up company called MBC, which will announce a deal with four main black college sports conferences to televise their games.

Michael Jackson’s Money Meltdown

June 8, 2003 – The New York Daily News has more info on Myung Ho Lee’s lawsuit against Michael and the singer’s mounting financial troubles. Lee’s lawyers alleged in documents filed in a Los Angeles court: “ was – and is – a ticking financial time bomb waiting to explode.” But Jackson family lawyer Brian Oxman disputes claims that Jacko is in financial crisis saying, “I see things that other people don’t see. I’m very close to this family. … I see no evidence of bankruptcy, no evidence of financial problems.”

Yoko Ono ‘Dumbfounded’ By Jacko

June 7, 2003 – Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine spoke with Yoko Ono and asked for her thoughts on Michael Jackson. “I’m dumbfounded by him,” Ono explained. “I have nothing to say. I just hope that one day he can find something positive in his life. It’s very hard for people in his position to survive well.” As for Jacko owning the Beatles’ publishing rights, Ono insisted, “That’s another misconception, in a way. He was with a company, but that company really owns the songs. But, of course, because his name is bigger than the company, people like to play that up. It’s more fun to talk about Michael Jackson than to name the actual company. It’s just not as interesting to talk about.”

Reduce Your Expenses Jacko!

June 5, 2003 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Attorneys for Michael Jackson say they are struggling to get Michael to reduce his expenses to avoid bankruptcy. Hey, it’s hard to fire a chimp on roller skates!”

No Dismissal In Jacko Case

June 3, 2003 – Roger Friedman of says the wire services are confused on the item saying the judge said she would consider a motion made by Michael Jackson’s side in the case brought by Myung Ho Lee to dismiss the case along with a lot of other motions. Friedman says it is “standard procedure” and added, “There is little chance the case will not make it to trial.” Read more.

Joe Millionaire Teaming With Jacko On Parody Film

May 30, 2003 – Entertainment Tonight spoke with ‘Joe Millionaire’ Evan Marriott about his upcoming film project ‘Miss Cast Away’, a spoof on ‘Cast Away’ and ‘Miss Congeniality’. “I think it’s going to be interesting when the movie’s put together to see Michael Jackson and myself in the same project. That’s gonna be real freaky,” he tells ET.

Friedman On Houston & Jacko

May 30, 2003 – Roger Friedman has more news on Whitney Houston’s relationship with Warren Brown, the leader of the Black Hebrews Chicago branch, and Michael Jackson’s financial troubles, and Friedman’s bellyaching that he orginally broke the story last year. Read more.

‘What More Can I Give’ Video

May 30, 2003 – Contributed by elgato:

Many people who saw the Michael Jackson special that aired in many countries throughout the world were able to see a 10-15 second video clip of the making of his charity song ‘What More Can I Give.’ But now, a 3 minute video for that session has now surfaced on the internet. It shows singing and recording by Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, Boyz II Men, Carlos Santana, Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’s Child, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Billy Gilman, Mya, Luther Vandross, Shakira, Reba McIntyre, Usher, Brian McKnight, Anastacia, Gloria Estefan, and *NSYNC. There are testimonies by Usher and Celine Dion. Watch it at YouTube.

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16 thoughts on “Priscilla Says Jacko Had A Plan

  1. Alia says:

    Priscilla should worry more about that stuff they injected in her face to make it look the way it does: HIDEOUS. Michael had and agenda? So did your daughter! She said during that Diane Sawyer interview that she wasn’t going to make music and when she did, she used her ex-husbands Nicholas Cage and of course Michael to promote it. She totally used him to sell that crappy album of hers. Nice try Dear!!!

  2. Kim says:

    LOL….I agree with Alia’s comment :D Priscilla’s face is atrocious!

    I do think MJ wanted to merge the two musical legendary legacies, but despite that I also believe he truly loved Lisa Marie Presley. Deeply.

    Michael Jackson was a thoughtful and complex being. Every move he made in life was deliberate and had purpose. That is why he became so great. It does not, and did not, make him vicious or diminish his star one bit.

    Setting goals, making plans, and working hard to achieve them is something every person should aspire to.

  3. Tanya says:

    Exactly, I totally agree with the above comments. Priscilla should have worried more about HER obsession with cosmetic surgery or botox…she looks absolutely vile…to put it mildly, I wouldn’t be as cruel as to say she looks like a freak as Lisa Marie stated Michael Jackson was.

    In her Rolling Stone interview, I think, Lisa stated that Michael’s mind was always scheming, calculating, manipulating and it scared her…….In an interview Michael did with an Australian presenter he openly and honestly says that he finds it hard to sleep because his mind is always active with creative ideas. I think Lisa is incredibly naive or just plain stupid. Michael Jackson didn’t get to be the most successful and famous artist of our time by drinking, smoking, cursing and chilling out. What Lisa Marie failed to acknowledge was that a TRUE artist and genius’s mind will never be still, they have an insatiable hunger to be as innovative as they can. That doesn’t mean
    Michael was devious and manipulating; I think (and I may be wrong) that Lisa Marie was slightly jealous and she felt she played second fiddle to Michael’s first passion; music. And I think she was slightly out of her depth being married to the most famous man on the planet. But she only succeeded in degrading herself when she publicly
    dished the dirt on MJ in her interviews.

  4. Astris says:

    It’s good to know that there are people that will admit that Lisa nor her mother are innocent. They are conniving. But I think given Pricilla’s lose affairs while married to Elvis and her tell all trashy book, she knew she hurt Lisa. I think Pricilla has taken the blame for a lot of things and let Lisa blame her as a means for trying to make it up to her. Lisa is not stupid and she’s not the innocent she pretends to be. She was one hella wild child. Street wise and tough.

  5. Astris says:

    Michael also owned a catalog that included some of her father’s music. Music she didn’t own herself. I think there was love but not the in love, love we think. Both had agendas. Both cared deeply but it wasn’t meant to be and no ones loves love and happy endings more than me. But I knew from the start it would never last.
    Now she should move on and not use him in death as she trashed him in life.

  6. Deborah says:

    I believe Michael had a plan,He fell in love with Lisa Presley as a child.He said so when she would go to see him perform.But he also knew she was a child.And he asked about her and found out she had married he was disappointed,Because he kept trying to get to know her as an adult,but know one would introduce them.So when he did get a chance to get to know her he did. I do not see where his plan was any different than what Elvis Presley’s was when he took Lisa’s mother into his home when she was a child and took care of her until she was old enough to marry him. No difference.He just thought she was beautiful and sweet and loved her and wanted to marry her.So what plan? I think that people read more into it than there was because at the time Michael was in the middle of controversy about the said child molestation allegations.And I do not believe he would harm a hair on a child’s head. And if Lisa believed that she would not have married him either.So you people need to get over it.He was a black man and married a white woman.That the only problem that was had, and Lisa married him and loved him but they had problems that had nothing to do with plots or plans.They probably could have made it today if they where married now.She was young he was naive that was all.RIP Michael

  7. Astris says:

    The problem was they were never compatible at all. It was a mistake. And she said many times the biggest mistake was leaving the first marriage for the second.
    Good intentions were not enough.

  8. mia says:

    Pricilla ” Presley”please! MJ IS BIGGER THEN ELVIS, you’re a fu**ing racist, everybody know that you ALWAYS hate MJ! He was BLACK, BETTER and BIGGER than Elvis, Lisa Marie goes after him but he never want to tack her back, you’re so angry, damn, what’s wrong with this family Presley lol all the women are angry

  9. Astris says:

    I think that LM and Priscilla resented Michael for owning Elvis’ music and were secretly hoping to get it.
    I may be wrong, but they have both made enough remarks until I wonder.

  10. Cynthia says:

    What plan was that? He didn’t want Graceland. He had a self made empire. Pricilla is sad sometimes, but all she is doing is covering for the monster she help to create.

  11. Astris says:

    I see once LM took over Graceland it wasn’t long before it was in serious financial trouble. When anyone has to sell 85 percent they are in a serious hole.
    She can say “it’s all still mine” if she wants, but it is not all still hers. When I last checked when you sell something it is no longer yours. She maintained some and stocks and Graceland and the property, but she had to give up alot. And good thing too. I can’t see her waiting tables at a road side diner. Her mother did a good job for her. While they looked down their noses at Michael, LM nearly lost her free meal ticket.

  12. Acai says:

    This site seems to be kind of dead lately!
    This is for those who don’t know the truth about the circumstances surrounding Michael & Lisa’s union.

    I was going through some of the info I’ve collected on Michael over the years, and I finally found what I was looking for regarding how LMP & MJ met and why.

    I believe what Brent Livingstone-Strong said happened because his account is firsthand. But the individuals who give their secondhand opinions on what was happening… I take those opinions with a boatload of caution.

    I hope this excerpt will shed some light and educate those who blame Michael.



    As you all can see, there were enough lies and blame to go around. But LMP’s camp was worse because they perpetuated it even long after the relationship was over.
    That especially includes her hateful mother, Priscilla!

    Take this information and mix it with facts you already know. Somewhere in the mix lies the truth. I have noticed how Lisa’s promise to Michael to have children ASAP after becoming married, was omitted.
    I’m sure there is a lot more she did to him that we don’t know about.
    However, as people slowly begin to open up and talk, you will only need to put 2 & 2 together to get to the answers and the truth.

  13. Acai says:

    I hate TYPO’S
    His name is “Brett Livingstone- Strong”!

  14. Acai says:

    Somebody edited the excerpt I pasted here of the book by Suzanne Finstad.
    There were no URL’s, or e-mail addresses, or personal attacks posted.

    Not fair guys!

  15. popdirt says:

    @Acai because of copyright. the link in its place points to the same text

  16. Acai says:

    Thanks for answering my question… didn’t expect it.
    I get your point though, and I will respect the decision.
    I would only like to say that I didn’t try to pass off the works as my own,
    and I did divulge the original source, and I am not profiting in any manner
    by displaying the material.

    Since my submission was third party from a second party blog that used a portion of the copyrighted material, I would argue my excerpt of that said material can fall under the guidelines of Blog Aggregation.
    Online sites like popdirt use that News Aggregation loosely worded loophole in the law all of the time to reissue portions of materials not produced by itself… and avoid paying accompanying costs.

    I know I’m stretching it a bit because I’m not an online news organization, and I used more than just a few paragraphs. But if aggregation works for you guys… it should work for us lowly bloggers.

    Nevertheless, like I said, I do get your point, and I will respect the decision.

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