Psychic Is Right Abut Britney Spears

Contributed by Just_Me:

Does anyone Remember a Show on Vh1 called Rockology? A Psychic’s prediction has come true about . On Vh1’s Rockology a Psychic predicted that in “2003 Britney will date a lot but will end up with an older man about 7 or 9 years her major, he’ll be slightly bald, a bit of a potbelly, and is a business man. He’ll have a simple name like DOUG.” Well I was reading popdirt, and my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that Britney may be dating Fred Durst! He was everything the psychic predicted and I thought that was so cool! They’ll repeat the show again on VH1. Check your local listings. They had a lot of predictions also saying that Eminem might start dating a midwestern girl groupie.

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