Psychic Silvia Browne Says Britney Spears’ Prerogative Is A Baby

Contributed Anonymously:

According to world known psychic whose predictions on The Montel Show for the year 2004 were very much on the mark, will be having a baby in 2005. Now this comes as no shock because Britney wants to have a child this year, but according to Sylvia – Britney will have a baby but her and Kevin Federline will not last. She does not give a precise time frame for Kevin and Britney’s split but she does think that they will not be a couple for now til death do they part. As for Britney’s past fling – Justin Timberlake – he and Cameron Diaz will stay together as long as Hollywood lets them. Does this mean more rumors and backlash will arise about their relationship? Only time….or Sylvia…will tell.

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