Puffy Puts His Spin On Melissa’s Dream Departure

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday where he hosted and confirmed news that had departed from to what he said was to pursue an acting career. Puffy seemed to point to her being older as a primary reason, but we know from Sunday’s news that Melissa’s father said “she has been very unhappy for quite some time about things that have transpired in the past and the way things were working out for the future”, and no doubt the turmoil that has had artists dropping from Puffy’s Bad Boy label like flies as it looks for a new home played a major factor as well. Besides, it was widely known that Melissa was the most popular member of the group, so Combs’ claim of a “minor change” difficult to justify. Read on for today’s TRL conversation between John Norris and P. Diddy.

John: Rumors have circulated surrounding your ladies, the ladies of
Dream and rumors about what is up with them as far as a new record and
line-up changes.

P. Diddy: There is a minor line-up change but the girls are in the studio
right now. Wave who did a lot of the stuff goin’ with Rodney Jerkins
this week and me in two weeks and puttin’ the album in the summer yeah,
give them a round of applause

P. Diddy: That’s my girls. They’ll be back on the scene. Uhm, and we
have a line-up change, Melissa one of the oldest members of the group will
pursue acting so we have a new member we’ll announce here on MTV soon so
just keep on supportin’ the girls and everything’s okay we just had a little

John: No hard feelings.

P. Diddy: No. She was a little older and wanted to pursue actin’ and
do her own thing.

John: Do her own thing.

P. Diddy: We proud of her and will support her. We have a batter comin’
in to take up for her, you know what I’m sayin’, somebody off the bench
we’ll debut to the world comin’ soon so make sure y’all look out for dream

John: Lookin’ forward to that, all right

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