Push Play Talk About Love

Push Play

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Thursday (February 12), talking about love ahead of Valentine’s Day. The Long Island, New York pop rock act tell readers:

LOVE! February 14 has become touted as the day of true love and special awareness of that one person who is your soulmate, your other half to make you whole, the person who no matter what happens in life you can go to and he/she can make you forget your troubles and just be enmeshed in the greatness of what love has to offer. And what is that? It is intimacy, privacy, a shared feeling that is so overwhelming that everything else is blurred. Love is touch, love is action, love is giving of yourself to your best friend in life and knowing you can count on that person to do the same for you. Love is never cheating or lying. Love is being able to let go of that person to experience life and then to find each other again. Yes love is sometimes separation.

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