Pushback Begins Over ‘Stolen’ Britney Baby Pics Squabble

A day after apologizing to , WorldOfBritney.com webmaster Ruben Garay is hitting out at the pop princess he’s dedicated a website to. He writes, “The pictures were not ‘Stolen’. Someone had sold the pictures to several picture agencies who in turn had them available in their password protected media/press area only pages. The webmaster of TangibleBrit happened to know of a guy that had access to that area and bam, pictures got out… it’s as simple as that. It happens ALL THE TIME. Someone should seriously check the infrastructure of their OWN employees and not try to shoot the couriers. That press release makes it sound as if someone walked into Britney’s house and stole a camera with film on it… uh… how about… Not a chance?” He added, “If Britney never wanted anyone to see pictures of her baby, then why did she originally agree to do a photoshoot? I mean, it’s the same story with the Paris Hilton video, bitch, don’t make a porn tape and don’t expect it to not surface when you’re Paris Hilton.”

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