Q&A With Hanson

MuchMusic caught up with the brothers of and asked about their acoustic tour that sees the group performing songs from their electric new album, and what they get from going from plugged to unplugged. “One analogy we like to use is that coming to our live show is like coming to a song writing session,” Taylor explained. “This is how we write a lot of the songs, with acoustic guitars and vocals. You see our music in a different way, whereas when you see us live with electric guitars and a full drum set it rocks in a different way.” Isaac added, “It’s just more intimate in general. Sometimes you get a bit distracted by the rockness or loudness of the music. By breaking it down and making it acoustic your songs speak more powerfully that way. We like to give people the option of liking the acoustic version better.”

The story at muchmusic.com has since been removed.

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