Q&A With The Duffs

ComingSoon.net caught up with and her sister Haylie during their recent visit to New York for the premiere of their new movie ‘Material Girls’. Asked about her comments earlier to MTV News that she was exhausted after such a busy year, and how things are for her now, Hilary responded, “I have gotten a little bit of time off. My goal was to take a couple of months off, and I got like half a month, kind of. I feel good right now. I think that when I have a lot of time off, which I haven’t in a while, but assuming that when I have had two weeks off, I freak out. It’s hard to relax because I know there’s so much work to be done that It’s hard for me sit down and turn on the TV and be content without getting up and doing things around my house. You know what I mean? I think that’s just the personality that I have.”

The story at comingsoon.net has since been removed.

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