Queens & Princesses of Pop

Contributed by popfan_23:

There’s always all this talk about female pop singers, and their sales , and people posting false numbers and everybody getting all pissed and such so I did a little searching and found that a lot of those numbers are wrong so instead of keeping to myself, I decided to post them:

Madonna: ( Queen of Pop?) well that title is justified, with 250 million albums sold, 21 movies under her belt, 7 books that she’s written (which sold 1.5 million copies in total), and a net worth of 600 million, she is the queen of pop!

Celine Dion: With 170 million albums sold, 2 top selling perfumes, and a 100 million dollar 3 year contract with Caesars palace she’s doing pretty good too.

Mariah Carey: With 150,500,000 albums sold, and an album that was considered a flop by her label after “only” selling 4 million copies, Mariah too has done well for herself. Not to mention an album that is due to drop in 2 months.

Britney Spears: With 75 million albums sold from 4 mainstream albums, A movie that grossed 34 million worldwide including DVD/VHS sales ( for which she received a Razzie award for worst performance of 2002), A Trendy New York restaurant (Nyla) that closed within a year without turning a profit, a #1 fragrance, 5 DVD’s, an 8 million dollar deal with Pepsi, a deal with Skechers that ended up on bad terms with lawsuits from Britney and Skechers, she’s done pretty damn good for herself, despite a few bad deals, and lately has found Kabbalah (Ironically, in getting tattoo’s, she has committed one of the worst Jewish taboos, two of which she got in different languages (Hebrew, and kanji) without knowing what they mean, on her neck she thought she was getting “new era”, instead it was “protection”, and on her hip she thought she was getting “mysterious”, instead she got “strange”), married, trying to create a family, and is considering going to college to study forensic science, and is rumored to have enrolled into Pepperdine University.

Whitney Houston: With 67.8 million albums sold in the U.S. alone this diva still reigns, and her fans are waiting for her comeback. Not to mention she starred in 3 movies that grossed over half a billion dollars, and produced 2 movies (Princess Dairies 1 & 2) that grossed over a quarter of a billion.

Christina Aguilera: With over 45 million albums sold from 2 mainstream albums a Christmas album and a Spanish album, a 4.6 million dollar Skechers deal, a near 5 million dollar deal with virgin mobile, a 13 million dollar deal as the new face for Mercedes, a 1 million dollar deal as the muse for Versace, + 300,000 for opening Harrods, one of the highest rated SNL episodes in it’s 30 year history, and not to mention her amazing 70 million dollar deal with coca-cola (doubt’s? check here) rocknerd.org/article.pl?sid=03/04/21/069259 , this Diva has done well for herself indeed, and her 3 album is highly anticipated by the music industry.

Jessica Simpson: Who’s career was nearly ice cold until the launch of her highly successful MTV show has (+/-) 10 million in album sales from 3 mainstream albums and a Christmas album, That hot as fire show, 2 very successful ABC specials, 3 movies in the works, a clothing line in the works, an edible body cream and perfume line, and she would’ve had a 20 million dollar – 30 week deal in Vegas, if it wasn’t for her father demanding an extra 10 million, right now her star is shining bright and she finally getting the success she deserves.

Mandy Moore: Although she’s making more of an actress out of herself having been in 7 films ( making 3 million per film ), and 2 voice overs, she also has 5 albums with about 4 million in album sales. She hosted her own daytime MTV series during the summer of 2000, and was the spokeswoman for Neutrogena for 3 years, a deal which ended last year.

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