Questionable Interviewer Claims Avril Spit Gum In His Face

So-called celebrity interview Chet Healey is again lamenting about an interview with Avril Lavigne gone bad at KDWB’s annual Last Chance Summer Dance in Minneapolis. This time the interview again broke down into a defensive Avril questioning Chet’s questions before spitting gum in his face. Again, if Chet is a freelance interviewer, there is no paper trail on the net, only his past reported Avril interview has been reported. Fact or fiction?

Lycos 50 First As Aguilera Tops Spears

October 29, 2002 – The latest Lycos 50 shows Britney Spears’ female pop star dominance over rival Christina Aguilera has ended for the first time ever. Christina got the #10 spot while Britney landed at #12, the first time Spears has dropped out of the top 10. Their one word description for Aguilera: ‘Ho’. Other music acts in the top 50 include Eminem at #13, Nelly at #22, Las Ketchup at #26, Avril Lavigne at #27, Jennifer Lopez at #30, and Shakira at #42. The complete list at has since been removed.

Avril Lavigne Releases New Song

October 29, 2002 – Contributed by fans4music: Now defunct had posted a new B-Side song ‘Get Over It’ which was released yesterday on the Australian ‘Sk8er Boi’ single. This song is different from all the songs she has done before and is definitely one of the best. Go to the website to download the song and get the lyrics.

Avril Lavigne: ‘Guys Just Suck, Man’

October 24, 2002 – Avril Lavigne is interviewed in the October 26th issue of TV Guide, where she’s asked about having her share of relationship troubles. “Any guy that I’ve ever dated… Guys just suck, man,” she sighed. “They’re so, like, confusing. Relationships are hard. And every relationship I’ve been in has always pissed me off. Guys just don’t know how to express themselves.”

Avril Bassist Quit, Didn’t Want To Be A Marketing Tool

October 23, 2002 – Former Avril Lavigne bassist London Spicoluck talked about his decision to quit playing for the Canadian sensation to focus on his band Closet Monster and his independent label Underground Operations. “As soon as I joined in, it turned into this weird band persona – Avril and ‘her boys’ and all that,” London explained. “When I got the call, it was just to play bass.” He said he and the other guys realized that they weren’t just the band, but also a “huge part of this giant marketing tool.” London just wanted to play his instrument. “I don’t really want to be in the spotlight with this kind of thing. I gotta get outta here. It’s not where my heart is.”

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