Quincy Jones’ New Book Paints A Shy Jacko

The Globe reports Quincy Jones upcoming memoir Q due out in November reveals details of the music moguls work with when they worked together on the 1983 Thriller album. Jones says, “He was so shy he’d sit down and sing behind the couch with his back to me, while I sat with my hands over my eyes with the lights off.”

Jones adds, “Michael lived in a fantasyland because that’s what worked for him. I don’t know how anybody could expect him to end up like Mr. Joe Next Door… he’s been in the public eye since he was 5 years old.”

SNL Jokes On Michael Jackson’s Johnson

October 7, 2001 – Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey joked during Weekend Update last night, “In women’s health news, the FDA announced that it has approved a new highly effective birth control device for women. It’s two inches long and releases a continuous low dose of estrogen, just like Michael Jackson’s penis.”

Jacko An Alien In ‘MIB 2’?

October 5, 2001 – The Daily Star reports is set to star as an alien in the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starring sequel, Men in Black 2. Jacko’s scene will have him waiting in line with other aliens at Earth’s immigration service.

What Will And Won’t Make The Jacko Cut

October 5, 2001 – Fox News’ Roger Friedman is getting feedback from execs at CBS as to what will and what won’t make the cut for Michael Jackson’s 2 hour television special that netted Jackson $5 million. It appears the reunion portion with the Jackson 5 is in, of course, and the *NSYNC/Jackson performance. What likely won’t be broadcast will be Marlon Brando, Liza Minnelli, Billy Gilmer, and the skeletal Whitney Houston performances. The story at Foxnews.com has since been removed.

Bush Backing Jacko CD?

October 5, 2001 – The New York Post’s Neil Travis reports is telling friend that President Bush has formed a friendship with the singer following the terror attacks last month. Bush is apparently backing Jackson’s ‘What More Can I Give’ CD with Michael aiming to raise $50 million towards the relief fund.

Jacko’s New Album Includes Song About Di

October 2, 2001 – The Sun reports Michael Jackson’s new album includes a track that is about death of his pal Princess Diana, entitled Privacy.

The close friend of the Princess sings:
Some of you still wonder why one of my friends had to die
To get a message across, that yet you haven’t heard
My friend was chased and confused, like many others I knew
But on that cold winter night, my pride was snatched away
Now she get no second chance, she just ridiculed and harassed.

The chorus adds: “I need my privacy, I need my privacy, so get away from me.”

Jacko Had Planned Money Raising Song Before

September 30, 2001 – Time magazine’s Ellin Martens says Michael Jackson’s plans for an all-star ensemble to record his new song ‘What More Can I Give’ to aid victims and survivors of the World Trade Center terror attacks may sound familiar because “In April 1999 Jackson promised to raise millions for the Albanian children of Kosovo with proceeds from his new song, ‘What More Can I Give?'”

Michael Jackson Releases Cry… But Why?

September 26, 2001 – Foxnews.com’s Roger Friedman is reporting that Nile Rodgers did ask Michael to take part in his ‘We are Family’ remake to benefit World Trade Center victims but the offer prompted Jackson to try and organize his own effort. That effort broke down though when Britney Spears and *NSYNC declined his offer and instead, Jackson rushed to release ‘Cry’ off of his ‘Invincible’ album. The article at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Conflicting The Jacko Tribute Turn-Down

September 26, 2001 – A different twist on the story that Michael Jackson was declined an invitation to perform at the America: Tribute to Heroes telethon last Friday as the New York Daily News is reporting the pop star wanted to perform a track off his new album entitled ‘Cry’. Jackson reportedly did however want to let a CD version of the song out as it would cannibalize sales of his ‘Invincible’ CD. Jackson also didn’t want to perform one of his old songs as show producers wanted him to.

Michael Jackson “Didn’t Fit The Spirit Of The Show”

September 24, 2001 – The New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy report Michael’s efforts to get on the “Tribute to Heroes” telethon were met with a no thanks. We had reported earlier this week he’d perform based on early reports, but a source who was involved in the planning told the Daily News Jackson “didn’t fit the spirit of the show” adding, “The fear was that his performance would have been about him, not the victims.”

As for the show itself, it was surprisingly devoid of egos according to spies on the set one of whom revealed, “There was a sign that said, ‘No applause,’ but there was a lot of emotion. Sheryl Crow and other people were crying and hugging. But everybody was a professional. Rehearsals went like clockwork. I don’t think we’ll see anything like it again.”

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