R. Kelly Pens Song For Michael Jackson’s Greatest-Hits LP

MTV News reports that a premature press release, sent out by Sony Music U.K. and then retracted, revealed that a song written by R. Kelly called ‘One More Chance’ was under consideration for the Jackson compilation, currently called ‘Number Ones’. According to a source close to the project, ‘One More Chance’ was produced by both Kelly and Jackson, but it’s still a matter of discussion whether it’ll make the album. Read more.

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9 thoughts on “R. Kelly Pens Song For Michael Jackson’s Greatest-Hits LP

  1. weebongo says:

    Mariah had an album called number ones. Except when she released the disc in Europe hardly any of the songs on it actually hit number 1 over there so people were all mocking her for that. Seems like ages ago since has-beens Mariah or Michael have been to the top of the charts with a single. Well Michael can still sell out an arena so he’s not to bad off unlike Mariah.

  2. Jerseline says:

    True true! you got a point there I never thought about but I’m sold, and hey, R.Kelly is still a good songwriter. Despite his legal situations, he still writes hit music, and can do the same for Michael, as he did in the past ( Cry & You Are Not Alone ) I look forward to this new release, and here’s hoping sooner than later

  3. Tig says:

    It’s getting old, the Mariah bashing is whack. Give the chick some credit, she has had more number 1’s than any other female in history including your beloved Madonna. She’s a nice person, that really in the business is hard to find. Granted, I think she needs a make-over, and to get back to singing like she did in concert. but give the bashing a break, it’s boring. Now on to adult things: Mike Jackson had his last nbr 1: Your Not Alone with R. Kelly. This song might be a hit, but with his image issues, it’s highly unlikely. Even though, right now R.Kelly is king of the music charts.

  4. weebongo says:

    She might have more number 1 hits than Madonna, only in American but Madonna has sold 200 million records worldwide. Much more that your precious Mariah. You wouldn’t know if Mariah is a nice person till you get to know her. Michael does have a chance to comeback. Too many people have been dissing him and they might welcome him if he has a good cutting edge song. No more living on his past glories. You don’t see Madonna doing it. On her last world tour she only sang 2 songs from the 80’s and it still sold out everywhere. Mostly everything was from Music and Ray of Light.

  5. Tig says:

    Madonna and Michael fail to deliver. I was 2nd row for the Drowned World Tour, I heard the audience arguing at Madison Square about Madonna not singing any hits. They said down until she did Holiday and Music, That shows that yes, Madonna does do what she wants, but, she has lost touch with what the public wants. Mike Jackson is so far removed from the public eye and trust me. She/HE may not be able to recover, his last CD was labeled a so/so or a flop. Mariah, I have met her several times, she’s really a nice person. Granted, visually she does not have what Madonna/Janet have and Vocally, they do not have what she has, but I like them all.

    Do this, take 5 minutes and sit down and listen to All I Ever Wanted from Music Box, I guarantee you, that song will mess wit your heart. All I Ever Wanted. Trust me on this. Just give it a chance.

  6. IamARevenant says:

    MJ needs to go away. He’s really dug himself a hole, the man used to be somebody now he’s just a creepy middle aged man.

  7. mikemc says:

    Why are you addressing Mariah in a Michael Jackson subject??? Stop riding her bongo. And just for future reference, if Mariah’s “#1’s” was such a flop in Europe then why is a double platinum album over there alone. If people were mocking her for it then there pretty stupid considering it sold more than 2 million copies over there.

  8. weebongo says:

    I do have that album. That’s the last one I got of hers, haven’t seen it in so many years. After that album Mariah’s songs got to similar. I couldn’t tell one of her dance songs from another, same goes with her ballads. There was no growth in Mariah’s music and it became boring as a result. If she changed her style up like Madonna has I might still be interested in her. If Madonna kept on making Like A Virgin over and over would people be interested in her. Well that is what Mariah has done with her albums. That’s why her albums are failures now. People are tired of the same crap from her.

  9. jillian says:

    Man some people need to get a clue!!! Firstly mikes only doing this album because he has to under contract with Sony. Secondly id be really interested to hear those who are calling mike a child molester to please explain. Last time I checked Michael Jackson was never convicted nor trialled for such a crime. Also there was never one scrape of evidence found after all the investigation that went on at his home, his families homes, all revealed nothing. Get over it already hasn’t he suffered enough! If people on this board even bothered to find out the real truth then they would know the boys father has clear motives to bring down Mike and may I also remind you that no other boy/child has stepped forward and claimed any wrong-doing by mike since 1993. NOT ONE !

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