Rachael Yamagata Hopes You’ll Find Peace And Holiday Cheer

Rachael Yamagata black and white photo

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@rachaelyamagata) on Sunday (December 21) back home, discussing her recent round of tour dates and thanking fans for their support. The singer songwriter tells readers:

What I’d like to do today is really wish all of you a truly HAPPY HAPPY holiday and say how appreciative and grateful me be for all of your support this past year and especially over these tours. Slews of you came out and cheered and cried and leered and it makes a gal feel good I say. ‘The Low Anthem’ kicked some arse as well and I’m truly inspired to learn the drums, clarinet, horn, pump organ, upright bass and bowl (whatever that thing was) now after seeing them.

And now that the stir of road life starts to quiet and I roam the streets and reconnect, all that I hope for everyone is to find some peace and I will say it – holiday cheer. Of course no one has any money, we all know that, but hopefully there is a way to remember all the truly vital things existing for us right now and indeed how lucky we are. If my forte is love (or the lack thereof hahaha) – may I just say how much I hope for you to have it and not be crushed if you don’t right now. We are surrounded by the potential to give love everyday and connect with one another. So plod on, I’m rooting for you.

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