Rachael Yamagata’s Safe With Her Goggles

Singer Rachael Yamagata

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@rachaelyamagata) on Tuesday (November 11) while on the Hotel Café Tour. The New York City based singer songwriter tells readers:

My suitcase is outside the bus. I’ve left it there in hopes someone takes it away and relieves me of all that I packed and did not need. It happens every time without fail. I mean I even brought a pair of goggles. Did I really think they were a necessity? Every day I grab all of my bags and haul them into the day room and repack and it seldom does any good. My life is in my bunk and thank the lord that I’m short (first time I’m ever giving thanks for that) because that means I can fit more shist at my feet and feel like I’m safe. Safe with my goggles… at my feet.

Last night we played St. Louis and the big news of late is how we all seem to be dropping like flies. Jason (guitarist extraordinaire) was attacked by a flight case and the elevator and now his pinky finger is paying for it. Smashed up pulpy mess it is. Poor Alice had an encounter with a floor, face first, and has been sporting a shiner for the past three days. This ain’t no fluff girl singer songwriter tour.

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