Rachael Yamagata’s Words For Hotel Café Tourmates

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@rachaelyamagata) on Wednesday (November 5), discussing the Hotel Café Tour and how things are going with her tourmates Meiko, Jenny Owen Youngs, Thao Nguyen, Emily Wells, and Samantha Crain. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Meiko is the sassiest and always makes me laugh – up for adventure (she weathered the street celebrations in Philly the night of the World Series with me), Tao the coolest – her guitar riffs are infectious as well as her stage presence and I wake up every morning singing her songs, Sam the liveliest with never ending energy and wit as well as being my twin as we’re saying (long hair and bangs with sisterly style), Jenny is the heart breaker and makes me want to cuddle her up after a show she can be so vulnerable when she sings (I would, but she don’t need it – as in she could beat my *ss) and Emily has just joined and is equally as sweet as the others and a total genius when it comes to all things electronic and violin.

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One thought on “Rachael Yamagata’s Words For Hotel Café Tourmates

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I just saw Rachael on the Hotel Cafe Tour. She was really great and I was excited to see other new artists there too. Emily’s set was fun and so was Anya Marina. She blew me away. I really liked her song Miss Halfway. Glad all these girls are getting along.

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