Rachel Kane Provides Sophomore Album Update

Rachel Kane posted a message to fans on her official website last month. She wrote, “Hi there, Well, I’ve had few weeks off and I’m happy to say, I’m in the thick of writing new material for my second album. It’s been fantastic, but quite draining at the same time, as I sort through my experiences of the last year or so, and try to work out what I want to write about. As usual there’s been some great stuff and some average stuff, but as they say, it’s a process and you have to ‘Wait for the dragon to come out of the cave’. I’ll be playing a few really intimate gigs, in the next couple of months so I can try out my new material in front of a live audience. So if I mumble a few words here and there, I’m sure you’ll understand it’s all part of the process… who knows, maybe I’ll even finish some of them on stage, stranger things have happened.”

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