Rachel Stevens And Alex Bourne Still In The Honeymoon Period

Rachel Stevens, who walked the aisle with actor Alex Bourne last August, is relishing married life. “Our first nine months of ­ marriage have gone so quickly that I just can’t believe it,” the 32-year-old former star told The Mirror. “But it’s lovely and we’re having a fantastic time, we’re definitely still in the honeymoon period. In some ways it wasn’t a huge change because we’d lived together for a year before we got married but I love being a wife. In life you’re everything, you’re a daughter, a mum, a wife, and wife is good for me now. I’m not exactly a Stepford Wife, though. Being a wife sounds all grown up, and I don’t feel that grown up – I’m a missus!”

Rachel Stevens Mugged Outside Her London Home

June 10, 2009 – The Sun reports Rachel was mugged just outside her London home on Tuesday (June 9), with three men demanding the former S Club star hand over the jewelry she was wearing. Stevens, who is due to marry Alex Bourne in August, handed over the engagement ring, a necklace and Rolex watch. “Rachel did experience an intrusion and is shaken but otherwise OK,” Rachel’s spokeswoman Charlotte Hickson said.

Watch a report from ITN on the news below.

Rachel Stevens Fumes Over ‘Strictly’ Judges Labelling Her Shy

December 23, 2008 – ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ runner-up Rachel spoke with The Sun about being constantly told by judges she was too shy. “I’m not a shy person, I can’t tell you how frustrating that was when the judges kept saying ‘she’s shy, she’s shy’,” the former S Club star complained. “It was so hard to stand there every week and be told I had no personality. I’m not in your face at all and I’m not a loud person, I admit, but I hate labeling people.”

As for those hoping to hear new music from the 30-year-old, Rachel said, “There’s so much I want to do. I never said I don’t want to do music any more, I just have to see if the right project comes up, and it’s the same with acting. I’m just really lucky to be in this business.” Read more.

Rachel Stevens Says ‘Strictly’ Dance Partner Has Bonded With Her Fiance

December 14, 2008 – In an interview with Fabulous magazine, Rachel insisted that her fiance Alex Bourne has taken been okay with her ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ dance partner Simone, revealing the pair actually get along. “Alex and Vincent have become good friends they’ve bonded,” the former S Club star said. “I don’t mind telling Alex how I feel about Vincent I tell Alex everything. When you’re with a guy you trust, there are no secrets. If the tables were turned, however, and Alex was me, I’d feel jealous but Vincent and I are really good friends and Alex gets that. He seems to handle it OK.”

Asked how she deals with having her fiance watch as she dances the rumba with another man, Stevens said, “I had to be connected physically and mentally with Vincent, and at first, it was difficult as a woman to have that intimacy with another guy. But Alex got the whole concept of what and I were doing. He said if people believed there was something going on with us then we’d done our job right.”

Check out the full story at fabulousmag.co.uk.

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