Rachel Stevens Dumped For Older Woman

The Sun reports former S Club star has been dumped by her businessman boyfriend Simon Brodin for a 39-year-old millionairess. “Rachel couldn’t believe it when Simon said it was over,” a friend of the singer revealed. “He was the first guy she’d been out with since Jeremy [Edwards] and really liked him. She fell for his confidence and experience and enjoyed spending time with him. It’s a kick in the teeth that she was dumped for a woman who is 15 years older than her. Rachel normally has the upper hand over blokes so this was a shock.” Read more.

Rachel Stevens Thanks Supporters At ‘Suzie Gold’ Premiere

March 15, 2004 – Rachel’s official website has an update on the London premiere of the former S Club star’s film ‘Suzie Gold’. Rachel stated, “I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who turned up in the cold to support me and the movie. I’m very proud to have been involved in making Suzie Gold and it makes it even better when you’ve got brilliant fans who support you in what you’re doing. Thanks everyone.”

Rachel Stevens’ Movie Cameo

March 6, 2004 – Former S Club star Rachel tells Radio 1 her new role in the film ‘Suzie Gold’ is nothing like what she’s done in the past. “It was totally fictional. It was really cool, it was very different, because in all the S Club stuff I played myself so it was nice to play something that was a bit different,” she said, even though her part largely mirrored her pop career. “I play a stroppy pop star from a girlband called M5, and it’s opposite Summer Phoenix,” she explained. “It’s cool. I get to be all stroppy with her because she doesn’t make my coffee right!”

Rachel Stevens A No-Show At Ex’s Birthday Party

February 25, 2004 – Former S Club star Rachel was a no-show at her ex-fiance Jeremy Edwards’ birthday party on Saturday night – even though it was just around the corner from her Hampstead home at the Wellington pub in Belsize Park and he’d personally asked her to come. “He hoped she’d show and was disappointed when it became clear she wasn’t going to pop in,” said one partygoer. “It says something that two other S Clubbers made the effort while Rachel didn’t bother showing up at all.”

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One thought on “Rachel Stevens Dumped For Older Woman

  1. popmaster167 says:

    No, that guy is just an idiot with some serious bad taste in women. Anyone that sacrifices Rachel Steven for some middle aged women needs to get their taste in women in check. Anyway,Rachel will find a bloke soon enough,its not as if she has to look far is it

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