Rachel Stevens On Make-Up

Official VIP section added a new video clip featuring the former star discussing make-up.

Rachel Stevens makeup“Yes I love makeup, very much, especially when it’s six o’clock in the morning and I’m about to do TV, so it’s great having a makeup artist. I loved when I was a kid I wa a real girly girl, typical picture that you could imagine trying on all of my mum’s makeup, wearing her high heels. I was a real, couldn’t wait to start wearing makeup and stuff. I love experimenting with it. I also along the way have worked with lots of makeup artists and picked up handy tips, which is always very helpful. I definitely think with makeup that less is more. I actually do get quite, my makeup artist will tell you this, I get quite impatient sometimes when I’m getting my makeup done because I want it to just be done really quickly. It’s great to experiment with it. I love trying new things and I get a few goodies as well which is really nice.”

Watch the clip here.

Rachel Stevens On Being A Sex Symbol

May 10, 2006 – Rachel Stevens Official VIP section of her web site features the former star talking about how it feels to be voted one of the sexiest women on the planet and her role as a sex symbol in the media.

Rachel Stevens on being a sex symbol“I remember doing my first FHM shoot actually, and at this point I didn’t know about all these polls and things like that. I was just doing this for our first kind of grown up shoot I guess. I remember someone from the management saying, ‘Oh, you just gotten the (sexiest) poll’, and I was shocked. I do find it very funny, and I actually dropped in the poll last year, which I wasn’t very happy about. It is very funny, and yes, I wish I felt like a sexy symbol when I woke up at 7 in the morning. But it’s very nice. It’s very flattering, but I never get chatted up by guys or things like that, so I think I’m kind of old fashion like that. I like when guys do the chatting up, but yeah, they don’t.”

Watch the clip here.

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