Racing Suit Too Hot For Lindsay Lohan

Us Weekly quotes Lindsay Lohan talking about the racing suit for ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. The teen queen said, “I have so much respect for these NASCAR drivers because they’re walking around in these suits all day, and they’re really, really hot… I’m, like, dripping sweat.”

Lindsay Lohan Heads To The Airport In Pajamas

Lindsay Lohan was photographed leaving a cafe wearing a “Hi Mom” cap and a pink pajama outfit on her way to the airport in Los Angeles the other day.

California Rains Create Hair Worries For Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan was photographed shielding her hair from the rains hitting California the other day as she was heading out on a shopping trip in Brentwood.

Lindsay Lohan To Help On The Ground In Tsunami Relief

Lindsay Lohan plans on working the front lines to aid in the tsunami relief effort. “I was looking to try to get some time off to go over there and help,” the teen queen revealed to Us Weekly.

Howard Stern Roughs Up Ashlee Simpson & Linsday Lohan

During Howard Stern’s program on Wednesday, he played the Ashlee Simpson Orange Bowl halftime performance clip where she got booed after the performance. He also talked about Lindsay Lohan making an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and what he thought was also a horrible performance. Stern played a clip of that performance and it was a tough call as to who was worse, Ashlee or Lindsay. Howard said that Ellen was probably playing with herself in the corner during that performance. Howard and the guys laughed as they played Lindsay’s horrible singing, joking that the background singers sounded better than Lindsay. Howard even thought he’s a better singer than Lindsay.

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