Radio Payola Scandal Isn’t Being Taken Too Seriously

Roger Friedman of provided more commentary on news that Sony will be paying $10 million to music education to settle the payola case with the New York state attorney general’s office. Friedman writes, “One thing’s for certain. People at Sony are not taking this too seriously. The payola scandals of years past make this one seem rather paltry. It’s not as if Franz Ferdinand or Jennifer Lopez’s singles became such big deals after Sony paid for extra spins on the radio. ‘Get Right’, the Lopez single, was like fingernails on a blackboard. I suspect listeners would have paid to keep it off the radio.” Read more.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Payola Scandal Isn’t Being Taken Too Seriously

  1. hooker says:

    In my honest opinion, I think, $10 million is not enough. It should be, $100 million, that’s right.

  2. shunny says:

    i actually don’t think they should have to it to who?the gov’t so they can waste that too.Besides its marketing, promotion of their product. they spend money to make money.they spend money to make these cd’s if they are not played on the radio nobody will know they are out.most people don’t just buy something they have never heard before.and no matter what if you don’t like a song you don’t like it and no matter how many times you play it on the radio you cant make somebody like it.i say that to say it was somebodys type of music because when her album dropped it sold maybe not as many as usual but she sold based on what was out which was get right and hold you down.

  3. Starlet01 says:

    I agree SONY should pay out $100 million dollars for misleading the public!

    I NEED A QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED ABOUT CELEBRITIES & THEIR SUCCESS…’, ‘If Payola was paying for so many people’s success then does this mean that most of them didn’t earn the right to be successful? Is J.Lo, Britney Spears, Good Charlotte,Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, etc. considered to be fakes???Does this mean that most of the stars in the music industry are complete fakes? Is the music industry a major scam operation? Don’t the consumers matter or are we puppets of false hype? Who are we really fans of, the stars or the music industry brainwashing & schemes?

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    It doesn’t necessarily pay for a person’s success, it just ensures that their songs’, ‘are getting played on the radio to raise awareness that there’s new stuff by the artist out. The bottom line is record sales, you wouldn’t buy a record just because you heard the song on the radio, if you would then you’ve got more serious issues to deal with. (not you directly, but you as in whatever person)

  5. ihatehilary says:

    most people would consider GC to be fakes no matter what.’, ‘though this payoff hasn’t helped their last cd in the slightest, and if it did, it’s even more pathetic if that’s as far as it got WITH help. so yeah, they suck. they’re back to being nobodies. except Joel is now also known as hilary’s boyfriend, but still nameless once again. thank fu**ing god.

  6. jeepgrrl says:

    Too many consumers are puppets…’, ‘Starlet, take a look at Hunny’s comments above. He/she doesn’t think it’s any big deal. Doesn’t give any thought to the fact that the artists who aren’t backed by bribing promoters won’t ever get played on the radio. He/she thinks it’s “ok” and they shouldn’t have to pay a fine. So yeah, with people like that out there ignorantly swallowing whatever the record companies are giving them, this kind of illegal activity will continue. Of course, there’s always a choice. Don’t be like Hunny. Broaden your tastes, start checking out independent record stores, etc. and turn to AM radio ’cause FM is one big MTV crap commercial now.

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