Randy Jackson No Fan Of Justin Guarini’s Debut Album

'Justin Guarini' album cover

‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson reviewed the runner-up’s self titled solo debut, and wasn’t too kind with his “dawg” . He wrote in Savoy magazine, “Jus, you know I’m here for you dawg, but I got to keep it real. I don’t understand this CD or the lack of great songs. This project was just a miss by all involved. I don’t think anyone knew what kind of record to make with American Idol’s second runner-up from the first season. It has no direction, purpose, soul or hits. I am sure this is not quite what Justin would have wanted for his self-titled debut.” Jackson rated the album 5 out of 10 and said, “Everyone who had a hand in this catastrophe, y’all really should rethink your jobs.”

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One thought on “Randy Jackson No Fan Of Justin Guarini’s Debut Album

  1. VOLCOMchik says:

    The CD is OK. not great like Kelly’s tho. he has a few good songs on there… unlike Kelly’s on hers they are all good. Justin.. I expected better from. but all his songs aren’t bad. there are a few good ones.

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