Randy Timberlake Regrets Losing Quality Time With Son Justin

The Sun spoke with Randy Timberlake, the father of star Justin Timberlake, who admits it was extremely tough on Justin when he walked out on the family 20 years ago. Randy said, “I lost a lot of quality time with Justin, which I will always regret. I am not in touch with him anywhere near as much as I would like to be. Divorce is always tough on everyone and I’m sure it affected Justin. It was very hard getting to see him after the divorce. I tried as often as possible but it would rarely be more than once every other week. It was even harder when he got the part on TV’s Mickey Mouse Club because he was away in Florida half the year. I would fly down to see him but it was difficult.”

The full story, including several childhood photos of Justin, has since been removed at thesun.co.uk.

Justin’s Afraid To Date & Get Dumped By Kylie Or Dannii

February 26, 2003 – The Mirror reports Timberlake is scared to date or her sister Dannii in case he gets dumped. “I’ve been dumped three times before,” the star said. “I was 15 the first time and the second I was with for 18 months and the third I was with for three and a half years. They have all gone the same way. I have little hope now.” Justin also is convinced he’s ugly, admitting, “I still think of myself as this kid with bad spots on my face and not great hair but I have to say there have been moments where I thought I was cool. One lasted for eight seconds.”

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  1. JCCJ says:

    I love Justin Timberlake so much I’m doing a alphabet book on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. justin timberlake says:

    Hi are you by any chance related to Phillip Timberlake? My name is Justin Timberlake no lye I’m 36 and Phillip Timberlake was my grand father. I get some much sh.. for my name being Justin Timberlake thank I was just thinking.

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