Raven Almost K-O’s Roommate Lindsay Lohan

Raven Symone

Teen People magazine asked what her most embarrassing moment was in their June/July issue. “I almost hit my roommate, , upside the head with a vase because she came into the house and didn’t announce herself. I thought it was a stranger! So I walked upstairs with a vase. Then I saw who it was, and I was like, ‘Oh!'”

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5 thoughts on “Raven Almost K-O’s Roommate Lindsay Lohan

  1. hpnotiq says:

    That’s dumb. That’s not embarrassing at all. Are they really roommates?

  2. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    Yeah they are roommates. They are going to work on a film together too.

  3. Meggz75 says:

    LOL! Thank God I had a loud roommate in college. Even if she didn’t announce herself, I could hear her stumbling in lol

  4. james says:

    I love your legs, you have really came out sweetheart, Love You!!!!!

  5. jovy says:

    Nice picture.

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