Raven Is Fine With Hilary And Lindsay Getting The Spotlight

Raven Symone

The Associated Press caught up with and asked the actress/singer if she thinks she gets her fair share of love from the media as opposed to rival teen queens and . “I know every time Lindsay goes to the bathroom and I’m like, ‘I don’t want to know’,” Symone said. “I’m fine with my press. I don’t want to be in the press all the time because 1) you get sick of the person faster and 2) I don’t want y’all in my business.”

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13 thoughts on “Raven Is Fine With Hilary And Lindsay Getting The Spotlight

  1. BLUEGEMINI7 says:


  2. MissBeehaven says:

    Raven just looks like a homely country bumpkin. She always looks a mess, she needs a diet worse than Hillary and she is just way too cheesy and corny in her older age. When she was little she was the MOST beautiful little thing in the world, now she is a mess. A HOT MESS.

  3. Pheobe says:

    They are just people who have been plucked from obscurity and manufactured by music execs and song writers to churn out the same music. Britney Spears is not a goddess she is just a girl from the trailer park who got glammed up and sold. Christina Aguilera is not an inspiration. She’s just a picked-on teen getting revenge with the help of good song writers. All those boy band rejects, I can’t believe there are people who care about them, they’re all the same. All Justin Timberlake ever did was use women to get into the press and all Nick Carter ever did was being born with blond hair, which got cancelled out when he gained all that weight. Besides the guy is an abuser. Just enjoy their music and quit focusing on them. They are totally interchangeable

  4. blayze21 says:

    Raven is adorable if she was a size 2 with double D breast she would be a superstar, unfortunately that’s how the business works

  5. MOE says:

    Even though she this is her third album, I think that she needs a little more attitude. I like her. She seems a little realer then some other people are.

  6. clayfan says:

    That is really harsh…Raven is just a teenager…she isn’t fully baked yet…not that Lindsay and Hilary are fully baked yet, either. They’re all teenagers, and they’re going to continue growing and changing for a few more years (look how Britney and Christina both kept “growing” until just very recently). Raven is a beautiful girl. She will surely become a beautiful woman…but that won’t happen for a few more years. And getting less press means she gets less BAD press like Lindsay and Hilary get.

  7. MissBeehaven says:

    No she looks a mess. Not just her weight, but her style is horrific, I think she needs a new stylist. I don’t think she is UGLY at all, I just think she needs some pick up. She needs a makeover, she is too young to be some homely looking. That’s all. She looks a mess.

  8. clayfan says:

    Well, I think she’s really, really pretty, and I think she’s going to be stunning when she is all grown up. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, and thanks for sharing it.

  9. carlsson says:

    Yeah, I agree with this. I think a lot of why she isn’t getting that much attention it has to do with how she looks and the state of the market right now.

  10. SJ says:

    Raven is jealous of their publicity and you know it. Because no one is paying attention to her and she’s not making the millions Hilary Duff is making.

  11. 513hotgirl says:

    SJ: When was the last time you had access to Raven’s bank accounts to know how much she’s worth? Never. She has multiple albums, her OWN show, other movie roles, AND the residuals she gets paid for the Cosby show. Did you not notice that it’s been in syndication for years? Anybody that knows anything about the business knows that equals millions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is worth MORE than Hilary!

  12. Fire_N_Ice says:

    No T & A hanging out all over the place either…. Shows she is working her career the right way, not trying to work the hype over what assets she has, what looks she has, who she’s sleeping with today, what her parentage is……also she has her head screwed on the right way regards to the photographers. No nastiness printed about her, so 1. she either doesn’t go there or 2. has a brain in her head to stay away from photographers main hangout strip or 3. keeps it on the low. At least she has SOME business/career idea.

  13. Doozy19 says:

    Raven is a really humble person, I met her in Cali. at a taping of one of her shows, man is she hot! I agree with Raven, their wearing Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan out…pretty soon gravity is gonna take its toll and Raven will still be hot. Lindsay is a slut, dating a 24 year old and throwing her “implants” everywhere. Raven has tons of money, mystery, fans and success. She gets all the publicity she needs.

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